Our strategy: your path to success

Our tried and tested strategy produces sound and sustainable IT solutions for every facet of your business operations, right down to the smallest detail.


Our team of professionals ensure high standards. Our experience leads us to deploy proven methodology that produces consistent results for real business benefit.

These are the five pillars of our successful IT strategy:


Our case-specific technology audit and data gathering provide us with a detailed and comprehensive picture of either your business plans and objectives, or your existing eCommerce website to determine customer experience. Our objective is deploy and improve proven, market leading technology that will work for you.


Our research and analysis is summarised in a proposal for an individually designed application that suits your business. Our recommendations include a detailed plan, clearly defined objectives and a recommended course of action.


VisAge IP will manage all aspects of the implementation process, including strategic planning, design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation. During the implementation process, we ensure that we work closely with your existing business team to produce the best possible results.


It's part of our job at VisAge IP to make sure that your technology performs at its best and provides a great customer experience at all times. We provide business intelligence and analysis solutions that continuously monitor, assess and track performance of your eBusiness applications to ensure complete satisfaction and increase business levels.


Our uniquely designed approach to continuous improvement and support helps you to increase business. We provide continual business analysis and scheduled reviews, as well as round-the-clock troubleshooting that is online, or just a phone call away.

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